A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android


Revenir is a NSFW text-based game set on a fantasy continent filled with all kinds of animal folk. Build relationships; refine your character; or fight, recruit, and interact with monsters out in the wilderness.

When's the next update?

I'm working on a very large update to release soon (hopefully summer 2021), please be patient! It changes almost every aspect of the game and features over 100 new scenes.
The currently available download is considered a demo, and is quite short and outdated by a couple of years. Keep that in mind while playing.

Is there porn?

Not much is available in the demo, but this project does focus on adult (NSFW) furry content. If you don't like this kind of thing, or you’re under the legal age for viewing such things in your region, or if you think any of the content in this game could be illegal to view in your region, please don't play the game.

Much, MUCH more sex is coming in the next update!!!

Install instructions


Simply unpack the .zip file, run Revenir.exe, and remember to have fun!


Oreo (8.0) and Pie (9.0) are not technically supported by Revenir.  We can't guarantee that the game runs well (or that it will run at all) on those versions. Sorry!
Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, and Nougat are confirmed compatible.

MacOS X:

Unpack the .zip file and launch Revenir.app. If you encounter an "Unidentified Developer" warning, just right-click the file and choose "Open". Another warning should appear - click "Open" again and you're all set!


Revenir's Linux release is distributed as a .love file. The current version of LÖVE that Revenir uses is 11.1. Please make sure to download the proper LÖVE version from your package manager or the game will not perform correctly.


revenir-windows.zip 8 MB
Version 3 May 01, 2019
Revenir.love 4 MB
Version 3 May 01, 2019
Revenir-android.apk 8 MB
Version 3 May 01, 2019
revenir-osx.zip 10 MB
Version 3 May 01, 2019

Development log

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Please may you’re world become one once again 🙏


May this game hopefully return from the development graveyard

I played it and I say it's really good game i love the battles as well the fights few creatures i can see even as Demo its still good game.


I played this way back in January ((?) give or take) of 2021, and I instantly fell in love.  It's really sad to see that the game hasn't had any updates, or even public acknowledgement, from the developer, but I have come to learn that such a fate befalls a lot of my favorite stuff on this site.  Wherever the one known as "Squawks" may be, they have my best wishes.

And to everyone else on this site, I will stop enjoying content on this platform.

(Seriously though, it would be nice if you at least dropped by to say hello.)

cool battle sistem

Is this game cancelled?

I hope it is not.

But I'm afraid it is.


Damn, sucks cause it had a lot of potential. I know the developer was working on a bunch of stuff, but he never updated the game. He seemed pretty hellbent on finishing the entire thing before releasing it tho.


I wish they just say something instead of leaving us in the dark

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this game sucks ass

its a dead game


How about abdl content?

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is there a downloadable exe somewhere that's not demo? i kinda wanna see the extent of the game as it is, even if its not complete yet.


Update when :( ,  my patient is at my limited! can't wait any longer!!!


For those who are worried about the abandonment of the game, do not fear! I am relaying a Twitter post he made in reply to someone asking, so here ya go:

Squawks (In reply to an earlier post):

"Kinda! I'm mostly quiet because I don't want to admit I'm back in rewrite hell LOL Still making decent progress between breaks to study + doing personal projects for my portfolio"

And for those who want to make sure, I'm leaving a link to the post along with his Twitter, but you can always find it by searching! 



I just found this game and I'm happy to hear that the author is still keeping up with it.

same, but I'm wondering whether the update will still be free, I hope so, as I cannot afford crap.


abandoned ?

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I test on Linux, it runs well. For Debian 11, first "apt install love", then "./Revenir.love". Have fun.


His is great. The pixelated look is amazing and the writing is sweet and short when talking to NPCs. The only thing I dislike is the shaking text when you have sex. It's hard to read.


I really hope you haven't abandoned this game. Even if its only a demo rn it's amazing! I'm looking forward to the next progress report, unless it ends up being an update to the game.


Hey man are you okay you havent released any progress reports im kinda worried.

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I think he's ok, but it's only based on the fact that his FA-account is still in use.


He is still posting on twitter. Just no news on the game sadly.

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It's great! But is there any possibility to turn vibrations off?? And will you ever post update for demo or not too much? 

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i hope itll be free


I like this so far! The lack of any sprite arts does disappoint me quite a bit, but everything featured in this demo are very solid! The fights are surprisingly fast and satisfying, and the aesthetic and the UIs is quite pleasing to look at. I'm excited to see more!

when is the next update?


I'm really looking forward to this game's next update. I really like the game, and the freedom it can give you. Good job in the writing, the artstyle, and the smoothness of everything. I like everything about the game.

So, is there a backer version or something, because no matter what version/update I use, it all ends at the same place saying that that's where the demo ends. Also, there isnt any smut that I can find in those versions. Is this a me thing, am I just looking in the wrong place or what?


the game isn't updated yet. the new dev logs are just progress update to let us keep track how far is he working on for the next version update

Ferret somewhere. Can do some truly out of the box ones too. Although I personally prefer as much anthropomorphisation as possible. But it's all interesting enough to see what comes up in the end - i.e. all penises are beautiful.

The only con for me so far is no raccoon species for character, other than my petty complaint this is a great start I think! Looking forward to more!

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The text animations are pretty smooth, the combat system seems pretty effective as well. Sounds could really amp up the immersion too. Pretty good so far, excited for the next update!

Pretty nice game and I like where it's going. Can't wait for the next update. I see some very great potential here.

How many chapters so far


Color me fascinated. Can't wait to see where this goes.

Quick question, is there some NSFW already in the game? And if so, how can I access it? I've been going everywhere and touching everything, yet I can't seem to find any adult content.

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There's only a couple, I think two? And they're both male-focused so if you're a female character that would explain the absence :< Next update there will be 6 or 7 individual scenes, and enough male/female/species specific variants between them to make the real total closer to 11 I think.

No! I’m a male character, but I’m so dumb I can’t seem to find them. Any specifics on how to get them?

Its been a while, but I'm pretty sure they're combat loss scenes


Yep yep, a sex scene for losing in combat to a wolf as a male, and another slightly-NSFW scene from resting in the abandoned camp


do you have a timeline for when the next release *may* come out? been following this for a little while and was anxious for a bit more content


This is great can't wait for more content

Is it possible for me to just edit the whole game just from the custom folder? I'm actually a bit interested with making my own scenario.


When the next build goes up with the Editor menu, you can make your own:

  • Scenes (what most of the game is)
  • Party interactions
  • Items
  • Enemies, allies, companions
  • Species
  • Shops
  • AI scripts for battles
  • Skills
  • Bestiary entries
  • Background images
  • Icons

...I think that's the exhaustive list!

I wouldn't recommend getting into it until then since this original demo (the build that's currently available) is vastly different from the current state of things, and your custom works might not port properly between these versions.

Hey I'm using a Hudl (I know not well known) and I'm not shore why buy every time I want to go back to the old fields I think it seems to crash is it just me or is it not been developed yet but apart from that I'm loving it (also I think it's because of my Hudl as it can get very laggy some times)

I'm not sure why that crash could be there of all places! As for the lag, I have since put a lot of effort into optimizing things for Android after a handful of bug reports and slowdowns on older/budget devices :> It's an ongoing battle, haha. 

i understand your pain i been in collage for almost 5 years 3 of them in games development and i now hoe frustrating it is to have to fix 20 bugs for then someone to fine another one then fixing that causes more to show etc. 

but thanks for the reply and i hope that you fix the issues take care.

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Does this game has images, CG or something? or it's literally just text?

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Don't worry it has CG's, but not for now really. Maybe try it out first, and if you think you've seen everything, ask again.

That's nice to hear~


Late reply but there are no CGs planned, it is a text-based RPG first and foremost. I would like to eventually commission some art/sketches for the Bestiary, but would need to acquire some funds and scout artists first~


Is there a way to turn off vibrations? They are getting quite annoying...


Hmm by the weekly reports so far it looks like this game is going to lean more on gay furry? Or will there be a good split on straight and gay., im just curious as a straight guy.

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There's a male/gay preference for sure (I think everyone involved in development is pretty gay), but I'm making sure at least 30% of NSFW stuff is straight or has a straight variant where I can.

The male player-on-female scenes will mostly be with recruited enemies until we get more female NPCs introduced, though.


Are you guys interested in alternate styled NSFW (fetish mainly) stuff. I can also do writing for non-NSFW scenes too given context of course. Or am willing to build up 'scenes/context' from the ground up if needs be.
I'm largely looking for another outlet for combining my writing & creativity with my often - outside the box/norm, brain on sex stimulating chemicals.
Most people like my types of nasty humour as much as my depraved sexual inclinations, so depending how far you're thinking of taking these scenes. I'd absolutely be interesting in contributing & helping/learning more & joining.

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Re-re-post of one of my previous comments:

Read if you do not follow Squawks on Discord or Twitter, and are curious about the status of the game. (Updated information can be found at the end of this long message, in the last paragraph.)

"To everyone wondering, it appears as though the developer goes on extremely extended breaks from the internet. Their Twitter seems to suggest that they're active from February to May every year, and sporadic after that. The last post of 2019 was in September, and then they resumed February of 2020.

I do not believe the game has been forgotten, as it looks as though the developer is currently still writing story for the game. The best I could say would be that the developer simply needed to take a break from updating the game, for a year.

I plan to keep re-posting this comment, to ensure a copy of it stays near the top of the comments, to reduce the amount of 'Is the game dead?' commenters."

Update on that notice: The game has not been forgotten. An update is currently being worked on, but for the time being, all you are going to see are Weekly Progress Reports. Please, do not spam questions regarding whether or not the game will be available to the public; this will still be a public demo, even after updates come out again. The current update is scheduled for late October, but with as much as is being put into it, don't be surprised if it's delayed.


Thanks for the (again) surprisingly accurate summary, Stagnant. I've been trying to keep on top of transparency and staying active via the weekly posts, but not everybody sees/reads them so it's understandable for some to have questions.

I will be updating the description soon to better reflect the current state of the game and make some answers clearer. ( ̄▽ ̄)

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It's all good. If you want me to stop posting this message, just mention so (Dm me on Discord, if you'd rather say so there, for whatever reason.) I understand that it's a large message to have cycling through your comments, even if I delete the old ones after I post a new one.

If you don't say anything, however, I think I'm going to keep occasionally posting them, up until the game description is changed. It's nothing against you, I just can't stand people that come across a dead-ish/slow-updating game, and just fill the comments with nothing but 'Is it being updated?' and 'Was the game dropped?', or the likes. (Perfect example, Forest of Love, by Carrot. That was a summary of 95% of comments, for around exactly 365 days, between the Demo and Act 1.)

Omg, I just got the joke below the download button of "Android" 😂

Is it still version 3 or am I wrong.


It is! Development was halted for all of 2019 until last January, and the game has undergone some beeg changes since then. Hoping to have the next update out sometime in October but it's hard to estimate.

Oh okey thanks for replying.


It's a good game indeed. But can you make the *vibration* became optional at setting? Because I always got it everytime i clicked *next* button. :D


Yess, the vibration will be removed in the upcoming build since it was indeed annoying as hell 👍

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