February 17 - Progress Report #14

Howdy ho gang!

U-uh, I don't have much to say out loud right now... I've just been spending spare time developing two of the four new characters for the village (a craftsman and a tavern owner). Once their info is mostly established, the other two (a guardsman and a researcher) will already be ready to have some scenes written in and hopefully a cool spot in a showcase~ I think you guys will like them.

The researcher character is a young, dutiful Avian sent from the Church in the north as an emissary. He is well-mannered, well-studied, but weighed down by responsibility and the fear of failure. He can seem withdrawn and stiff, but break down his barriers and you might be able to help him overcome a very different kind of stiffness... how pent-up the modest ones can be ;)

I hope nobody minds too much if I just stick to a posting schedule of every other Wednesday (sometimes Thursday morning if I get busy, like today!). It was suggested by some folks and at first I wasn't sure, since the diligence of wanting something to show off each week kept me very motivated to work hard - maybe a little stressed too. Perhaps later we can go back to a weekly schedule :> For now, every 2 weeks!

I DO want to say before I go, thank you always for the continued comments and stuff. They never fail to make me smile and help me feel better when I'm in the mud. So thank you, and enjoy the rest of your week! I might put up a poll in the coming days to decide on some species for characters, so look out for that as well.


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That guardsman used to be an adventurer like us until he took An arrow to the knee...

I'll see myself out.

Aww yiss, birdboi! :D
This avians barriers wont know what hit them!


Whoop! Very excited to meet this dutiful avian!!!


I think bi-monthly reports would be fine. Personally, one report a month would be stretching it, but I believe that most of your fans would be alright with a report every second week.

Personally, it’s the side information- the stuff that may or may not have actual in-game value- that draws me into VN’s, so feel free to add as much lore and detail to NPC’s as you want.