March 3 - Progress Report #15

Another Wednesday, so hello all and squowdy ho!

I write this report today with a stern expression of disappointment, but not towards any of you folks. No, I'm disappointed in myself, because last week I made a judgement so blind that I can do nothing but hang my head. I... I...


Okay, I'll be honest that you all surprised me with your picks. I was rooting for Cheetah, but it was fun to see the rivalry of Deer and Fox progress as it did. I should have known that including "fox" as an option in any species poll is pretty much handing it the victory, but I think they can make for great innkeepers all the same (along those lines, you might enjoy the fox bartender in Ichthyoptera's Enter the Underdim owo).

But thanks everyone for casting your votes and especially for giving feedback in the comments! If you missed this poll for some reason or another, don't worry about it - there are lots more on the horizon.

Anyway, the fox innkeeper's name is Ravel! He's a young fox who operates the Frayed Fox Inn in Terveiset Village. Though a bit anxious and not as social as the previous owners, he has years of experience and handles his guests like a pro. The drake stables are his favourite spot to relax outside on slow days... for uh, some reason.


That makes the final character planned to be in the next release. The cast at this point looks like:

  1. Lapp, the chief of Terveiset
  2. Fredrik, a Reptile alchemist and merchant
  3. Yaohu, a frustratingly mischievous kitsune
  4. Fere (no comment)
  5. Tyreus, the stoic village guard
  6. Edan, a Lutran woodcarver
  7. Nico or Nicolas, a researcher and magician from Lifir
  8. Ravel, innkeeper at the Frayed Fox/lizard fanboy

Be nice to them all when you get the chance to meet them! There is tons of work to do to get them all set up in game, so between now and the next report I'm really focusing my time on them. There isn't much else of substance to do, so...
I'll see you in the next report on the 18th, or potentially earlier if I think of anything to say!


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He's just doing his job.... Taking care of the drake's, you know?... 


Honestly, foxes have heavily fallen out of favor lately. Wolves are way more common now, and I think a lot of people are rooting for foxes again just because they're actually weirdly underrepresented in furry games after the boom in the past couple of years.

That said... is his name pronounced like in "unravel" or "ruh-vell" (rhymes with well)? Because if it's the latter I'm going to assume his theme song is Bolero until someone says otherwise.

Sorry but I forgot where to report bugs but anyway the Android version keeps crashing

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The discord is the preferred location. There’s a channel for it.



I think foxes make good innkeepers.  Intimately familiar with current events and with their patrons.

On a slightly more serious note, I'm sure that there will be many more opportunities for other species to come into play.  There are some NPCs that you already have plans for, but for the ones chosen by poll, you can simply remove past poll winners from the options.  Regardless, I'm sure each character will turn out wonderfully regardless of species.

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You should've made him a rabbit, lol


that's democracy for ya 😔

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I want the lizard or other character that i like to win polls, the fox are ones i probably don't like as the species, hopefully in the future there will be only scalie or furry characters i like to pick on in the next poll? But everyone have own favs, mine are mostly dragons, dinosaurs, scalies, and furries like gators, lizards, horses, elephants, and stuffs like that, so i pick the ones i like to see added when looking at the polls and avoid the ones i probably don't like


I love lizards! You will see many more of them eventually, don't worry~


Say NO to Fox Supremacy!

tysm tho for the shoutout and very excited about the progress!


Of course, hope you don't mind the spotlight

Foxes are a necessary evil, the quintessential basic bitch