October 21 - Weekly Progress Report #12

Henlo everyone! We're a good chunk of the way through October already, woo. I hope all the northern hemisphere fellas are getting cozy as the weather gets colder, and to my southern hemisphere friends, uh... stay cool!

As I mentioned last week, things are moving slower than usual due to factors outside of my control ( ; ω ; ) But I've finally started pushing forward on the story content with lofty hopes of blitzing through it as fast as possible. We've got some interesting scenes ahead, but a lot of it is going to be based on content that was already written so the outlines are already there. Getting the general "sketch" of a scene usually takes me a while, so it cuts down a lot of time to have them all ready to go in advance!

Apart from getting a couple of scenes done in the story department, I occupied my few spare days this week with searching for more of those little backlogged changes that have been piling up. It forced me to explore some of the older scenes, and to think about some of the systems that were still left unfinished or under-designed while I've been on the smut train. One of these is enemy recruitment!
Over the last year I tried a few different plans for how I wanted recruitment of basic enemies to work:

  • Speaking to the enemy mid-battle to convince them to join your team (in the style of Megaten games)
  • Using a unique item (their favourite food, a token of friendship, etc.) for a chance to lure the enemy to your side
  • Special enemy interaction scenes found by exploring - handle it correctly to have them join you

But I can't quite decide which one I would like to really focus the system on. I wasn't pleased with the first method after testing it out (treading in the footprints of Shin Megami Tensei is hard to pull off), but the other two I am actually fond of and would like to explore further. Do you have any thoughts? Which one do you like?

Well anyway, thanks for stopping by to read the report this week. I'm still pretty fearful about my promise to have a private build ready before November, but regardless... I just gotta keep going!

Next time I think I'll have some info to share about the relaunch of the Patreon and SubscribeStar. Enjoy the rest of your week!                               (squawk)

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I would personally opt for a mixture of the latter two, or possibly all three.  Perhaps there is a way through exploring or after battle to recruit an enemy, but you're more or less locked out of it at the start.  Rather than needing a specific item, you need specific information about the enemy in order to build a persuasive argument towards them joining you.  This information might be gathered by contextual clues while facing the enemy in battle or observing them out of battle, could be gained by asking them directly, or perhaps you could go back to town and ask around on what that sort of enemy likes, which would also lead to the possibility of more NPC interactions even if these would be primarily dialogue.  Having information rather than specific items or specific exploration scenes would mean after you've recruited an enemy once, you can do it again without having to repeat a large portion of the overall process.

The biggest downside to this approach is that it would be a lot more complicated to implement.  You'd need to code in checks for specific interactions or have a list of stages to weigh the checks against.  It could also result in branching dialogue or interaction paths so players would still need to build their argument through a few branching dialogue/interaction options rather than automatically recruiting an enemy.

This echos my thoughts exactly, nice work :)


I'd like option 3 personally. 


All three systems look good Squawkers, but how about a mix between 2 and 3, where 3 is the main system but having the special item increases the chance the event happens and/or adds a new line to the event making it easier/changing the outcome? I hope I said that clearly enough, my words get jumbled sometimes.


I prefer Option 3 on enemy recruitment because it would get old having to go to a shop and bring special items to different types of monsters.