Poll: What species should the tavern owner be?

Vote now! This NPC will be the owner and operator of the inn/tavern in Terveiset.
(You can choose more than one option if you like!)


I'm also considering having this character split into two, as male and female siblings. Sounds fun... maybe?


This is one of 4 new NPCs that are being introduced to liven up the starting village. At the moment I have 3 of the 4 developed: an Equine guardsman who only wants to protect those who shun him, an Avian researcher weighed down by expectations of duty, and a Lutran (otter) woodcarver whose bouncy attitude earns him many connections.

I'll share more next Wednesday in the regular scheduled report. See ya then!

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I voted other, go with an alligator or a gorilla, either way someone buff and bulky.

Bull or zebra?


Think bears make fantastic tavern keeps.

Maybe a Wood Plank?


Goat is a nice choice for a tavern owner. Though, the rest of the choices are fine with me as well. Don't really have a preferences into any of them.


I actually really like the m/f split idea. Go to the tavern for a sandwich and end up becoming the sandwich. Aww yiss.


More ferals) snakes, dragons and etc


A dragon would be good if you can manage it, or even a dinosaur, but i see the deer is winning heavily, that one is fine as well, maybe some day in the future a dragon or dinosaur can be found in the game? Other than that, this game is good over time, keep on making it as best as you can while taking breaks every now and then.


I think rhino or bear(polar maybe?) would be nice


the concept is nice but i'm not sure about the siblings part, because i feel like it would be awkward when the sex scene come and you know that your sibling is there. and adventure is about meeting new people so having to concern about not only one person, but two people's feelings on the matter. i don't know, maybe it's just me

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I though they mean the tavern would have two people working in that been both siblings. So you could if for sex choose the gender you want, no?

Ah i see. Sorry i misunderstood


I voted Other, This Game needs Sergals >.>; 

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Will the tavern owner be romanceable? Also I voted in Other; My suggestion is a black panther.


I voted other.

My suggestion is Hamster.