February 5 - Weekly Progress Report #13

Hey fellers! Welcome back!

It's been so long I hardly know what to talk about. As a check-in, progress has been weird since the short post I made in December.
The potential situation of having to cut ~10,000 words worth of content from the game did in fact happen, and it was a bigger amputation than I anticipated (the death count ended up being 18,225 words: 3 characters and a small location). Huge!

I'm still in the process of creating some new characters to make up for just how much was removed. That's gonna take a while for sure, but I think it's worthwhile and sorely needed~ Two that I have in mind are already developed and ready to be written, and another two are on the way to being fleshed out enough to add in as well.

Still, as nice as it is to have more NPCs to hang out with I can't help but flinch at how much precious development time this detour is going to use up. The longer it all takes the deeper I'm dipping into my personal savings, and it's starting to get to worrying levels. Hngggg... why does money have to be a thing

Random combat screenshot!! I changed the UI a little bit since last time.

Anyway. The priorities for release are currently:

  1. Pause the remaining story content to spend time on new NPCs
  2. Return to story content and finish up the last ~30% or so that remains
  3. Polishing, balance and quality check

Quite a lot shaved off from last time. Somewhere in there I will have to slot in a couple Bestiary entries for the lads out there who really like to read. Perhaps a segment on "reproductive behaviours"... muahaha.

See ya next week when hopefully I'll have some better news to share :P

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Tragic to hear about the word loss :(

From the times I've lost modest amounts of content, I just wanted to give up. It's an awful feeling, but I'm really glad to hear that you're pushing through it, and I'm sure the new content will be even better than the lost stuff :)

As always, I'm following this project eagerly and can't wait to see where it goes. Also happy to hear that the beastiary is getting some attention — I'm a sucker for that deep lore.


The Deepest lore must be Discovered No matter How many entries we must read!