March 20 - Progress Report #16

Henlo everyone~ I hope nobody notices what day it is, because it is certainly not Wednesday 🤔 How wacky!

Since the last report I chose to implement my new characters starting with Ravel, the fox innkeeper. One of the unexpected challenges I faced with this character wasn't in the writing for once - as while writing a few of the scenes I even had to reel in my daydreaming of all the directions I can take him in - but finding a good background image to use for the inn/tavern. Unsplash has saved my butt time and again with nature photography, but interior shots that match the game's setting? I could lose and have lost an afternoon or more on such a hunt.
But as much as I appreciate good presentation, the background doesn't matter so much as whats in front of it, which is why I gave in to using a decent placeholder until something better falls into my lap :> any day now

Speaking of laps, MAN the more I write of Ravel the more I realize there's so much I want to write for him. I get ahead of myself by thinking about it all, but the possibilities both with the inn and his interest in drakes, and the fact that he's a fox?! Foxes are so bewitching. I finally understand the hype. Thank you all for your votes.

Mmm, what else... I've put in a short little delivery quest that should coerce the player to do some exploring in the village, though it is optional it provides some direction for those who might need it. You can pick it up right after waking up on the 2nd day. Also it means nothing to most people but I made a small script to automate the filters and compression for background images, which even creates smaller filesizes so I can fit more grafiks :-)

No more news to report mateys. Ssorry for posting late but sometimes life just... I hope you understand 👍As a parting gift please enjoy this funny bug from earlier this week, when I was messing with the text processing.

If you're a crowgender crowspecies irl please DM me

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oh god.... he's succumbing to the foxpox....


Thanks for the update! Curious about the hype around foxes. I still don't get it.


Me neither man, the hype around canines in general is kinda.. surprising? Corvids though, now that's where it's at.