April 7 - Progress Report #17

Heyo!!! It's finally warm here in the northern lands, so I get to write to you while sitting in the great outdoors!

Please allow me to open up by admitting something difficult. I have a problem, and it's a BIG one. A terrible addiction. Yes, it's not easy to say this, but for god's sake I'm addicted to LIZARDS. 🤔 Don't judge me, it's a real issue!! Do you know how hard it is to get any work done when my thoughts are consumed by fantasies of drippy dragon slits and thick tails?

Yeah, I certainly do. It baited me hard enough (hehe) into following a feral drake tangent for a couple thousand words... To be honest, the result has been cute enough that I don't mind :P It must have gotten me into a special kind of groove, cause for once I didn't have to think twice about each sentence, and for once I woke up the next day actually really enjoying what I had written! Reinvigorating is a good word to describe that feeling.

My plan for this particular drake is a short questline to connect with him, find some assorted items to take care of him, and probably tie it into our fox friend Ravel's unrequited infatuation with the beasts. Or maybe Ravel will be the one tying it into him? huh what who said that

Well, thank you for being so understanding about last week :> One of my big fears is falling back into the trap of never posting anything, cause I do sometimes get into those moods of not wanting to be social and I know how they can rip apart a good streak. Not trying to leave you in the dark, of course. I hope you can tell by this post that I'm feeling pretty great now, and I'm sure I owe some of that to being able to take time away when I needed to. Thank you kings, queens, and all of the royal folks reading this :) that's everyone!

I'll see you in a bit, and hopefully by then I've swapped to write for a different character~

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dragons and reptiles are the best give in to the scaley temptation


Any idea when next version will be released, I just found this played the demo and am stuck in an endless loop other than a pet wolf and the shop keeper  i have nothing to do


Oh man I love dragons. One of my first OCs is a reclusive magnum-donged ice dragon man.


I quite like lizard sometimes as well not gonna lie. My favorite one's are without a doubt Zaryusu Shasha and Zenberu Gugu from Overlord. They even got their own fan comic, if you know what I mean haha. The name's Break Out, but unfortunately I don't know the creator since it's a translation.

<3 Revenir


nice taist


You're writing stuff while being inspired by your addictions, it really makes me think that the next character is going to be a griffin, maybe a little easter egg about you? who knows wahtever it is im curios, even if it's something completely different.


Lizard superiority :3 it's not an addiction, it's a lifestyle! Looking forward to getting close and personal with your drake!


I like dragons the most, as well as Dinosaurs and other 100% Animal, Creature, and Monster Characters, it depends on how they look with the species and names for them, but i don't have much limits to the ones i do like.


Yes lizards are indeed awesome

This sounds sarcastic but I swear it's not