About the break!

Hello fellers! Sorry that I went quiet for the last couple months.

To clarify: I won't stop working on this game until either it's finished or I'm dead!! That's a birb promise. I've put in way too much effort to just drop it without at least telling you guys. Whenever I go quiet, it's usually just burnout or behind-the-scenes struggles that I don't feel comfortable unleashing on you all. 

I guess I can be upfront this time and say there were team difficulties in October that were tricky to address and may end up setting me back by around ten thousand words. It's not a huge deal if it goes south in such a way, but it definitely plucked at my feathers so I wanted a break to think it over. In the meantime I relaxed by working on the Bestiary, writing descriptions for allies, adjusting the combat UI, and continuing the story sequence. Still going strong!

I miiiggghht be continuing the Weekly Report series starting next week. As much as I enjoy taking the time to share progress and backend peeks, the reports take a lot of time to prepare and write... Maybe I could make them a little lighter or more screenshot-focused? Lemme know below if you have any thoughts.

Whichever way it goes, the project is back on a regular schedule now. I leave you guys with some fresh progress screenshots. Thanks everyone!

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just wanted to say you guys are doing fabulous work. and if you need time to yourself to be well none will begrudge you for it be well darlings <3

Just tried the demo, this stuff is REALLY well made, the ombat flow is PERFECT, good luck for you and the team

Oh, ive been here earlier last year and things are moving now i see!! Keep it up! :3 

Lots to do~


If you feel it would be better, you can even make the weekly reports a bi-weekly one, or a monthly one. I'm okay with whichever you're most comfortable with!

Stay safe Squawks c:

Don't worn yourself out with doing this as fast as possible, take breaks every now and then to avoid getting exhausted.


Just take your time and don't feel like you have to rush to please us, we can all be patient and wait until you finish.


Revenir is not just any other visual novel. RPG's simply need more time to develop. I don't remember, if there are romance options (I think so after all), but I know I would like the story with it's characters anyway. Also, the game has a rather profound battle system from what I can tell so far.

Even though it has been said a million times, by my fellow commenter again as well, I too want to say it: By all means, take all the time you need, don't try to rush. (Especially not over Christmas!)

Thank you for your efforts <3


Thanks for your reassurance, Resbach :>

I'm a big fan of the battle system and how refined it has become~ Romance makes my heart flutter but so does good combat! Can't wait for people to try it and give feedback sometime.


If you need to shorten up the weekly reports, even to a one paragraph summary of the progress, then that's fine with most of your fans, I believe.

We all wanted it to be close to completion back in November, but I think that every single one of us understood, with a game of this variety, that a, almost complete, revision should NOT have a set release date, as there is too much to be done, and too much to go wrong.

At this point, I think we're all growing rather patient about when this game will actually be updated, so please, do not rush yourself; take your time to make a quality game you can be proud of.


Thanks, this means a lot to me! Above anything I just want the game to be worth the wait, so it sometimes feels like with every passing week that expectations might be growing :P I understand I'm probably the most impatient one of all of us, haha