Progress report next week

Hey all, just a small post to let you know the report will be delayed til next week, I haven't gotten much work done in the last couple weeks so there's nothing to talk about

Just a mood, I'll be out of it soon enough and back on the grind 💪I usually keep quiet when I'm not feeling good, or haven't had time to put in much effort, but I think it's better to let you know right?

Anyway, thanks for understanding and see ya next week with... something, I guess! I have been playing with some feral drake stuff to go with our pal Ravel the fox, perhaps that will be the topic~

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Been following for a while now quietly, but gotta comment for feral drake stuff! Hope you've been doing alright, we'll be here whenever you are :) Take care of yourself


There is a lot of societal pressure to be outgoing and to put everything you do into the spotlight, but taking care of one's self is essential to a healthy life and healthy relationships.  Anybody who has ever felt the need to take a self-care day (whether they actually did so or not) will understand the importance of stepping away from projects and communication for a little bit.  Besides, it's been how long since you first posted Revenir on the site?  Over two years?  I think people can wait an extra few days for something of this quality.