Resuming the dev logs later this week!

Nothing much more to say, just wanna thank everyone for being patient while I sneak back into a more full-time writing schedule. I found myself really missing the regularity in my life and feedback from you all. This workload never ends, hehe.

See you fellers in a few days with some small updates.

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M8 any news from you are good news.

Thank you king.


We have missed you, Squawkyfriend!

I missed you guys too! How could I not!!


Looking forward to itt! Just take some occasional breaks if you're pressured or whatnot.

I certainly try to~ It feels good to come back to something with a fresh outlook


Can't wait to see what else you have in store for the long-awaited update! We all look forward to it!

Definitely :> Your comments give me power and sustenance!