Status update

Woah, hi everyone. It's been a long time since I last posted here about the game, so I owe you guys this one from the bottom of my heart. This is actually a good one!

I'll start by apologizing for the lack of transparency on my part; I know the next update's mystery release date with no progress reports has been frustrating for more than a few of you. I am generally a closed-doors person, and in honesty I never imagined much of what goes on behind the scenes would be very interesting or glamorous for most people out there. In addition I was working a full-time job with lots of hobbies, and my spare time just wasn't enough to keep tasks from piling up... it was hard to foresee whenever another snag would come up and halt progress (whether from the project or from personal life, it happens). A proper date just seemed impossible to figure out. I apologize for not answering more questions on the topic.

But as for the good part...

I am now working on Revenir full-time!   

*cheers*   *fanfare*

This means I am developing it as my "job" for now (though unpaid, oof), and grinding away at the writing, programming, drawing, editing, management, whatever, for as much of the day as I would normally have spent at the office. There will probably be fewer donuts and more overtime but I'm treating it the same anyway. It'll be so exciting to see how this wheel spins - I'm very happy about it all. 

While we still might not have a new download out for a little while longer, you can expect at least one progress report per week (each Wednesday) starting on the 5th. These are going to cover all of what we've finished recently, what's still in progress, and what's happening next. If you wanna get notified when these Weekly Reports get posted, join the Discord or just follow here on!

if you've got any questions in the meantime or just wanna chat, I'll be around!

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yay!! lets party!!!


You should start a patreon page soon, so that you can worry less about all those nasty money stuff.


10/10 thank a bunch, for real!


Glad to see this game hasn't been abandoned, I thought it had a lot of potential when I played it for the first time! Good luck, can't wait to see where you go with it!


Im glad to see that this game is still in development and can't wait to see what happens next.

Welcome back

Welcome back! I'm glad that this gets to continue. Honestly speaking I thought this VN was kinda halted for sure while I scrolled through recommendations a few days ago. 

Now that the confusions are cleared off, I wish you luck! Take your time and take care as well.